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Name in Home Country / Full Name: Протасов Олег Валерійович. Date of Birth: Feb 4, 1964. Place of Birth: Dnipropetrovsk UdSSR. Age: 55. Citizenship .Explore Kings and Cabbage's board "Food - Kim Protasov's Diet Recipes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Diet recipes, Eating clean and Salads.Jul 5, 2018 Diet choices made with the help of a nutritionist. Choosing food should be wise. Kefir diet for weight loss. Diet of Kim Protasov.A detailed description of the Kim Protasov diet for weeks and every day; reviews. For a long time the Japanese diet with a detailed description (unofficially it is called «protasovo») holds the position of leader among all the methods of losing weight.

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Pros diet Kim Protasov: 1) Diet Protasova amazingly good because it does not limit the amount of food, which is good from a psychological point of view. To sustain such a diet is easier than many others.Protasov’s diet is noteworthy for many in that the amount of food is not limited. This is a big plus from the moral point of view – in fact to sustain this diet is much easier than most others. Thanks to the diet of Protasov, the body comes to a normal state, the metabolism is normalized, the craving for sweets goes away, the activity of the pancreas is normalized.In order for 5 weeks did not pass in vain, out of the diet Kim Protasov, should be treated no less responsible than to the actual stages of weight loss. Start by adding vegetable oils. It is necessary to lower the fat content of dairy products up to 0.5-1%.Kim Protasov diet can consume a sufficient amount of protein contained in eggs and natural dairy products. Due to this process of losing weight is fat goes away, and not muscle tissue. Due to this process of losing weight is fat goes away, and not muscle tissue.

The diet of Kim Protasov has practically no drawbacks. Its menu is relatively diverse, the dishes are tasty and useful, the effect is tangible and long-lasting.Sep 25, 2006 Protasov's diet does not limit the amount of the food you can eat. It is the most advantage of the Protasov's diet and it is very good from the .Diet Kim Protasov diet. The length of the diet is 5 weeks. The meaning of the diet is to eat as many vegetables and five per cent of dairy products.Diet Kim Protasov - details While fashionable thinness, dieting will not lose its relevance, even if the lose weight with their help it is possible not all. On the one hand - the power is the main impetus for weight loss, and on the other, on a diet to lose weight is really hard, because the person eating before the most delicious and favorite - fat and sugar can not just go and give up their habits.

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